Should you outsource Social Media?

This is an interesting topic...  if you type the title of this blog post into your favorite search engine you'll get a lot of varying opinions.  The answer (IMHO) is most of the time "YES" and some of the time "NO".  Here's what I mean:

SEO - SEM and the Value of Transparency


I had an interesting conversation with a prospect earlier today that prompted me to write this blog post...  this business owner is utilizing an external company to facilitate some of the same types of offerings that tmc13 does (SEO, SEM-PPC, etc).  But because of lessons learned in the recent (dramatic) drop in our economy; he was very concerned that too much reliance was being placed in an outside company for such a core aspect of his business (driving leads).  In other words - no leads = no business = reductions in force, etc, etc,

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